Application for HRAI Wholesaler Membership


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Mandatory Membership Requirements

A wholesaler of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration or
sheet metal equipment, products, controls and/or accessories
Have an established place of business 
Takes title to the products handled
Carries adequate stock 
Assumes credit risks 
Sells to dealer - contractors for resale or to industrial users       

Purchases at wholesale from OEM and provides services to
the trade and products for resale

Have read and understand the HRAI Wholesalers Code of Conduct   
Company has been in business for more than one year  


Annual Canadian Sales volume

of HVACR products (IN MILLIONS)        Category                   Amount of Dues


0 - 2.9                                                                  A                                      $1115

3 – 5.9                                                                 B                                      $1500

6 – 9.9                                                                 C                                      $1915

10 – 14.9                                                             D                                     $2275

15 & UP                                                               E                                      $2,620 + (Sales in excess of dues x 0.000051)

Dues Calculation Example for Category E only: If sales volume is $16 million, then: ($1,000,000 x 0.000051) + $2570


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*  I hereby agree that the information on this application is accurate:


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