Complying with Energy Code Part 12

Part 12 of the Ontario Building Code has increased energy efficiency requirements for homes built since 2017 by 15% over the previous Part 12 requirements! It has also introduced effective R values as an option to nominal insulation levels, made HRVs and Drain Water Heat Recovery units virtually mandatory and provided increased detail about how Performance Compliance modeling is to be done.

Case studies will be used to explore the prescriptive compliance options available under Supplementary Standard SB12 in detail. The performance compliance options will be explored with computer modeling for the same case studies. ERS 80+ and Energy Star for New Homes will be touched on briefly. The increased air barrier requirements in the 2012 code will be reviewed as time permits.

Throughout the session, methods for demonstrating compliance to the building department will be discussed, including the need for additional documentation and product specifications. Participants are encouraged to have access to their own plans and construction methods in order to get the full benefit of the seminar.

Builders, designers, HVAC contractors and building inspectors will all benefit by understanding which compliance option is most suitable for a given circumstance, as well as gaining insight into how to adjust their current construction methods in order to comply. Copies of SB12 will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to have access to a copy of the building code, however, the emphasis will not be on citing code references as much as developing a practical understanding.

Fees: HRAI Member rate of $350 + HST | Non-Member rate of $475 + HST


Tuesday, 17 November 2020

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