COVID-19 Series for HRAI - Staff

Selling HVAC upgrades with your clients' health & comfort in mind

Learn how to communicate the value and effectiveness of HVAC products and services in improving Indoor Air Quality, in a responsible manner, demonstrating a long-term commitment to the health, well-being and comfort of your clients.

Staying Current in the HVACR Marketplace

HRAI brings you an on-line, two-module workshop to assist HVACR contractors in adapting their businesses to today's evolving marketplace.

This new workshop will empower participants to offer responsible technologies and services in the residential and commercial sector to optimize indoor environmental control during the pandemic and beyond. 

Module A will outline how science supports at least four strategies for enhancing mechanical systems and how they can be implemented most effectively into existing HVAC systems. The role of ventilation, filtration, distribution and humidity control will all be explored. Participants will also learn about the fundamentals of ‘comfort sales’ including assessing customers’ needs and refining the sales approach in a pandemic environment.

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Module A -Opportunities and Responsibilities for HVACR Contractors in the Time of the Pandemic and Beyond

Topics include:

  1. The role of HVACR contractors in the COVID-19 environment – how the science supports HVACR upgrades
  2. HVACR residential best practices for optimal health without compromising comfort and energy efficiency
    1. Proper humidity control – dehumidification and humidification best practices
    2. Ventilation and IAQ system best practice,
    3. Identifying appropriate filtration and de-activation technologies such as the role of HEPA and UVC systems,
    4. Emerging HVACR design issues, Dehumidification vs Cooling load design, Ventilation vs Heating load design, Forced air system considerations.
  3. Selling HVAC upgrades 
    1. Conveying appropriate solutions and benefits of HVACR upgrades without seeming to be overselling pandemic solutions
    2. Integrating the fundamentals of comfort into your sales process
    3. The compelling ways to use energy efficiency within your sales process
    4. How to help your customer focus on a comprehensive IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) plan
  4. Comprehension quiz to complete the module
Module B - Principles for Running a Business in a Pandemic - Self-Guided Online Presentation (Staff Version)
Preliminary Self-Guided Slide Presentation – est. <2 hrs  which is available for A.) Management Responsibilities (Employer Version) or B.) Field and Office Staff (Staff Version).  This Staff Version module will provide tools to understand and keep informed of emerging information on the COVID-19 pandemic and how this infectious disease spreads. It will provide risk mitigation guidelines for doing business during and post the pandemic, with enhanced safety protocols for site, in-home, and office situations. The management stream will provide suggestions on public and corporate policy issue that companies should address. 



Tuesday, 01 September 2020

9/1/2020 - 12/31/2020

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